Hand-Raised. Because Anything Less Would be Compromise.

Every day, our ranchers head down into the valley to inspect the cattle one by one. They tend to their needs. Help deliver calves into the world. And ensure each animal is feeding well, healthy and happy.

This level of attention is almost unheard of in the beef industry. We call it handraised, and it means that we can’t supply you with an endless array of options year-round. But that’s not what we’re about. At Twisted Fork, our goal is to deliver the most premium cuts possible, from a limited number of cattle. We bring a different approach to the table, so you can bring better beef to the table.

Montana’s Finest Cows.
No Bull.

Black angus is the most common breed of beef cattle in the US, owing to desirable genetics and a well-earned reputation for yielding superior beef. Meanwhile, Irish black cattle consistently score extremely high for traits including tenderness and marbling on an all-grass diet. And since we believe our customers deserve it all, we bred a hybrid cow that marries the best of both. Hop over to our store to experience the “Irish Angus”, and taste the difference for yourself.